Open, Honest Government

Sacramento deserves a transparent government: one without secrets, without barriers to information, and one that serves in true stewardship to the people of Sacramento.  By committing to an open, accessible and accountable approach to governing, the City Council can restore the public’s trust.

Make the City Auditor More Independent

Recent reports of employee misconduct and bad city loans and contracts have damaged Sacramentans’ trust in city leaders and employees. Most of these unfortunate incidents could have been avoided had the City Auditor had control over his office’s budget, additional staff, and subpoena power. If all the City Auditors recommendations were implemented, each dollar spent on his office would return $7 to the city’s coffers. I continue to call for these reforms to support the City Auditor in his mission to protect Sacramento’s taxpayers.

Increased Accessibility

I’ve stated that I want to hear from everyone, and I want to work with everyone, to solve our city’s challenges. I am soliciting your feedback, your ideas, your solutions and your help to bring Sacramento a brighter future.