Even if you have never heard of a parklet, there is a good chance you sat in one if you visit San Francisco, or the cities around Los Angeles. These public spaces extend from the sidewalk, usually into 2 or three parking spaces, to provide amenities and green space for people walking the street. They have proven hugely successful at stimulating activity for the businesses they are near, and are a powerful tool for creating a vibrant streetscape. Districts 4 and 3 are working hard to bring a pilot program to Sacramento’s central city.


Bike Theft Prevention Program

Councilmember Hansen is committed to bringing a bike registration and theft prevention program to the City of Sacramento. Our police department is working hard to develop a secure database where bike owners can register their property. We hope to launch the first phase by the end of this year. Look for more information on this project coming soon!


Bike Share/Bike corral

The City of Sacramento is bringing you a Bike Share program to facilitate short commutes, tourism, and economic development. Councilmember Hansen is working with community partners to ensure this program reaches its full potential. The other half of our bike friendly policy, Steve is working to bring Bike Corrals to our city. These clusters of bicycle parking increases customer access to businesses and reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Look for these bike friendly improvements to pop up around our city soon!