Economic Recovery Starts with Saving Jobs

It’s no secret that Sacramento has been especially hard hit by the recession. In the years leading up to the financial crisis, the government and construction sectors fueled job growth that was virtually wiped out during the housing bust. Even now, as the housing industry begins to recover, public sector employment is a drag on Sacramento’s recovery.

Very recently, several companies with a strong presence in Sacramento have announced plans to move or close up shop, eliminating thousands of jobs at a time when our city cannot afford to lose any. I have a plan to rapidly address this new challenge.

Restoring our Tax Base

While a rapid response helps address our immediate challenges, we have more to do in the medium and long term. Sacramento is home to the state capitol, which generates over 30 percent of the city’s jobs. But we have other sectors — healthcare, leisure & hospitality, and technology — that make large contributions to our economy. I am working hard to strengthen these sectors so that Sacramento has a resilient, diversified tax base, enabling us to have stable revenue and the ability to weather economic challenges.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Sacramento has a special, amazing small business community that gives our city so much of its character. Unfortunately, the economy has made it difficult for these businesses to thrive. We also have incredible innovators working in incubators like Hacker Lab to develop creative solutions to business and social problems; I fully support these efforts. One of the ways in which I am supporting efforts such as these is by donating my salary to create an innovation fund that we can leverage to generate more public and private investment in our city.