Fix50 Construction begins Tuesday, April 22. The construction will cause major traffic delays on Sacramento freeways.

Fix 50 is a Caltrans project that involves a complete resurfacing, repair of cracks and seismic strengthening of the W/X viaduct (Highway 50 between 18th and 24th streets). Lane reductions on the highway and some ramp and highway connection closures will affect traffic throughout the region. Please visit for the most updated information. The City of Sacramento will be assisting Caltrans in mitigating the impacts of Fix 50 with traffic management planning.

Contact information For questions or concerns about Fix 50, please call 511 or contact Caltrans. For general, non-urgent questions about traffic on the city’s surface streets:

Project schedule

Eastbound U.S. Highway 50: April 22 – May 21

Phase 1  April 22 thru May 6
Phase 2  May 7 thru May 21

During Eastbound, Phase 1 (April 22 – May 6), the following ramps will be closed:

  • 11th Street On-Ramp

During Eastbound, Phase 2 (May 7 – 21), the following ramps will be closed:

  • 16th Street On-Ramp
  • Connector ramp from eastbound Highway 50 to southbound Highway 99
  • Connector ramp from eastbound Highway 50 to eastbound Business 80

Westbound U.S. Highway 50: May 27 – June 25

Phase 1  May 27 thru June 10
Phase 2  June 11 thru June 25

During Westbound, Phase 2 (June 11 – 25) the following ramps will be closed:

  • 16th Street Off-Ramp
  • Connector ramp from westbound Business 80 to westbound Highway 50

Other things to note

  • Two lanes will be open at all times on Highway 50 when work is underway on either side.
  • All lanes of westbound will be open when work is underway on the eastbound side.
  • All lanes on the eastbound side will be open when work is being done on the westbound side.
  • During the second phases of both the eastbound and westbound work, there will be 15 days of ramp closures, noted above.


Traffic Operations Center

  • City staff will be manning the traffic operations center (TOC) Monday – Friday from 6 a.m. thru 7 p.m. starting Tuesday, April 22 through Wednesday, June 25, on weekends when critical work is in progress and other times as needed. First responders will join City staff and be ready to react in emergencies.
  • Aerial views of the highway and surrounding streets will be provided to the TOC via the Sacramento Police Department helicopter so traffic can be monitored.
  • The City has revised traffic signal timing plans to prepare intersections adjacent to the freeways for an influx of traffic. Traffic signal timing will be monitored on key corridors and will be adjusted with the flow of traffic throughout the day. Four wireless and four fixed traffic cameras have been added to the TOC to monitor additional intersections. A total of 96 cameras will be in use to monitor traffic flow during the project.
  • The City is prepared to monitor and respond to traffic at all major corridors during peak times. Some of the more heavily impacted corridors include but are not limited to:
    • W, X, Broadway, P, Q, 21st, 24th, 29th, 30th
    • Stockton Boulevard and all of the downtown grid, especially streets with a connection to the freeway, such as 16th street, J street, L Street
    • Howe Avenue, Arden Way, Richards Boulevard, Capitol Mall, and Florin Road

Traffic management

  • The Sacramento Police Department will be handling calls on city streets and the California Highway Patrol will handle calls on all surrounding freeways.
  • The City will have traffic signal technicians in the field working both north and south of Highway 50 to adjust signal timings as needed.
  • Two teams of additional police officers, along with officers on motorcycles will be helping with traffic management on city streets on weekdays, primarily during peak commute times. Helicopter surveillance will be used as needed.
  • The City has negotiated with Caltrans on reimbursement for police, fire and traffic management resources that will be used during this project.
  • As traffic flows change during each phase of the project, the City will monitor and adjust lane changes, signal timing and street parking as needed.

Suggestions to drivers

  • Make a plan in advance. Commuters should plan to flex their schedules to avoid traveling during peak hours in areas surrounding the project.
  • Use of alternative modes/mass transit is encouraged. Sacramento, North Natomas, South Natomas, 50 Corridor and Power Inn Alliance can provide ride-share opportunities, van pool and public transit options.
  • Residents and commuters should visit the Fix 50 website prior to the start of construction for all project information and ramp closures. Those wanting up-to-date project information sent directly to their email or text can sign up for notifications on the Fix 50 website,, or follow the project on Twitter.
  • It is advised that those who commute to the downtown area continue to use the freeway system unless it is necessary to detour to city streets due to ramp or connector closures.  Signage will be posted in project areas to announce upcoming closures and updates will be provided on the Fix 50 website as well.
  • Those traveling through the Sacramento area can expect delays on Highway 50.

For information on alternative transportation please visit:

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