Taking Inspiration from our History of Innovation

Pony Express. Intercontinental Railroad. Aviation. Agriculture. Transportation. Mining. Telecommunications. Entertainment. Design.

Throughout its history, Sacramento has been the seat of important innovations that have transformed American society. This is a creative city that continues to be an economic and cultural hub of Northern California. I fully support Sacramento’s creative spirit, celebrating our entrepreneurial heritage and empowering our creative class to spur our city forward.

Fostering Creativity for Economic Development and Diversity

There is a burgeoning startup culture in Sacramento. From entrepreneur meetups to arts and technology incubators, Sacramento’s residents are looking for ways to build a culture of creativity to power our local economy. I am actively engaging these groups, and with the innovation fund, providing access to much-needed capital to support and expand their reach.

Strengthening Our Arts Community

Sacramento is home to a thriving local theatre scene, art studios and galleries, and a wealth of local musicians and venues. We also have a great public arts program. These cultural elements make our city unique, and help attract investment, jobs and workers who appreciate cultural amenities like these. I am actively seeking to help the creative people of Sacramento continue to find inspiration and economic prosperity. Using the innovation fund I am working to support these individuals, and working to ensure that our kids have access to arts programming in and outside of school.

Celebrating and Supporting our Food Culture

Slow food, farm-to-fork, urban farming, community supported agriculture, local coffee roasters, craft brewers and other endeavors make a huge contribution to Sacramento’s sense of place. I am working to empower and support our restaurateurs, chefs, farmers, brewers and purveyors to help Sacramento’s food system thrive. I ensure the continuing to expand our access to farmers markets and other sources of local food and promote Sacramento as a city of excellent, innovative dining.

Building our Creative Class

The Creative Class isn’t just artists, designers, musicians and other creatives. It’s also our teachers, engineers, government employees, executives and the like. Creativity is an ethos to be fostered, in everything we do. Smart, educated, innovative people want to live in cities that provide opportunities for learning, entertainment and collaboration. Sacramento is that kind of city, I am working  to sustain and create additional avenues for residents to create fun and fulfilling experiences