Sacramento – Modern. Vibrant. Creative.

I believe in Sacramento. I want to work with you to lay the foundation for a brighter future by improving our economy, creating and sustaining jobs, restoring public safety and increasing accountability and accessibility at City Hall.  Our vision is a broad, innovative vision for Sacramento that calls on all of us to work together to solve problems and create opportunities. I hope you will join me.

Economy & Jobs

I want to help improve Sacramento’s economy. Our city has wonderful assets upon which to build a brighter future for all of its residents. We can achieve this by attracting and retaining jobs, supporting our entrepreneurs and small businesses, and diversifying our economic base. [Learn more.]

Community & Public Safety

A safe city is a successful city. To maintain and improve our quality of life, we must ensure that our basic health, safety and welfare are protected. We should also continue to celebrate our community assets such as parks, farmers markets, walkability and bikeability. I want to work with you to maintain and expand these amenities throughout the city. [Learn more.]

Creativity & Innovation

Sacramento has a strong spirit of creativity and innovation. The city should support residents’ efforts to create new opportunities in business, the arts, and in the public sphere. [Learn more.]

Accountability & Accessibility

To bring Sacramento its best possible future, we must restore the public’s trust. I believe this begins with leading by example, demonstrating shared sacrifice, and exercising independent leadership on the City Council. I will call for strengthening our City Auditor’s independence in order to help the city save money and ensure taxpayer funds are used appropriately. [Learn more.]