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Councilmember Steve Hansen
Office: (916)808-7004
Fax: (916)264-7680


Consuelo Hernandez, District Director
Direct: (916)808-1915


Jameson Parker, District Representative
Direct: (916)808-5241


Peter Fenolio, District Representative
Direct: (916)808-1706


Jisifredo Cosaino, Executive Assistant
Direct: (916)808-1917

District 4 Commissioners

Planning Commission

D4 Commissioner: Todd Kaufman
Meeting: Third Thursday of the Moneth
5:30 pm in Council Chambers

Todd Kaufman was appointed to the Planning Commission after a 35 year career in public policy and government affairs. Todd did his undergraduate and graduate training in history and public affairs at Washington University, University of Chicago and the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT, Austin. His work experiences have included positions in the legislative and executive branch, professional associations and private corporations. He worked extensively on smart growth issues in the California legislature and served for the last dozen years before retirement as the national director of state and local government affairs for Genentech.

Parks Commission

D4 Commissioner: Christiana Dominguez
Meeting: First Thursday of the Month
7:00 pm at Historic City Hall

Christiana Dominguez has lived in Sacramento off-and-on since 2001 and continuously since 2006. She lives in the River Oaks neighborhood along the Sacramento River. Christiana has been involved in youth development and recreation for many years through her volunteer work with the YMCA – first in her hometown and now here  in Sacramento where she serves on the local advisory board and as a volunteer adviser with YMCA Youth & Government, a model legislature & court program for high school students. She relies heavily on her personal park consulting staff: her husband and preschool-aged daughter who can frequently be found conducting thorough site visits at our community’s parks, big and small.


Youth Commission
Graciela Brady

Graciela Brady is a Junior at Np3 High School. She represents District 4 on the Youth Commission and volunteers at events throughout the City of Sacramento; this up coming year is going to be her second term.  She is also an intern for the Sacramento Police Department, and a certified Lifeguard at Doyle and Natomas High School Pool. She would like to attend college at either UC Santa Barbara, or the University of Hawaii at Manoa and study Nursing, so she can help people in her community.